Caroline Chizek

I took a TEFL course with Marcela and she was a wonderful asset to the class. She was a fellow peer in the class, yet she taught me more about teaching English than the instructor did. Marcela has many assets that set her apart from most other teachers that I have met. Firstly, she has many years of experience as a professional teacher. As a result, she has accrued an arsenal of physical materials (posters, textbooks, games, etc) and an ability to deliver clear, concise academic material. Because of her comprehensive pedagogical knowledge, she always has many suggestions and materials to offer whether you are teaching beginner or advanced students. Secondly, she is truly dedicated to giving her students an enjoyable and well-rounded learning experience. She will go to great lengths to accommodate all students’ learning strengths and weaknesses. Lastly, she is very eager to help her students and peers with any questions that they have about academics or the city of Buenos Aires itself. For example, I texted her one night asking for suggestions on teaching the present perfect tense and she came into class the next day with games, websites, and excerpts from a textbook that I could use. She really goes above and beyond to help her peers. I was very lucky to have the chance to work with her.