Jared Glaser

I was so fortunate to share a class with Marcela. She’s not only immediately approachable, she has a depth of knowledge in English and Spanish. Marcela told me early on in my training, “If you are bored teaching, your students were bored 30 minutes ago.” This really stuck with, and with her help I learned how to lead fun and engaging classes, not just for my students but for myself as well. Enjoying your work is crucial for teaching, and most TEFL courses never teach this aspect. I have taught young children and retirees, absolute beginners and those who are nearly fluent, and I have utilized Marcela’s
techniques, activities, and games with each and every one of my students. I feel proud when a student is laughing and genuinely enjoying class, and I owe it in large part to what I learned from Marcela.
On top of teaching, Marcela knows Buenos Aires. If you need advice on where to live, shop, or travel, Marcela can be your guide. Whether it’s a parilla or where to buy remeras when the tintería loses your clothes, you can be assured that Marcela knows a place. This is something other TEFL courses will not provide.